8 Pretty Fairy Lights To Set A Festive Mood At Home

8 Pretty Fairy Lights To Set A Festive Mood At Home

Feeling the festive spirit already? If you have big plans of hosting festive parties, then get started on giving your home a makeover and creating the perfect ambience for your guests. One of the easiest (and prettiest) ways to do so is to pick fairy lights that will instantly set the right mood while amping up your home decor. With numerous kinds of fairy lights available for purchase - from battery operated to USB powered, star-shaped to ball-shaped - spark up your home and impress everyone. To get you started, we have listed down eight pretty fairy lights from Glimmer Lightings for you to choose from:

1. USB Powered, Waterproof, String Fairy Lights

String lights come with 50 ultra bright micro LEDs that don't overheat, flexible copper wire with insulated lacquer and a USB plug for easy lighting.

2. Battery Operated LED Fairy Lights

These battery operated LED string lights are easy to install and perfect to spark up your home. They are durable and come with warm yellow lights.

3. 138 LED Fairy Lights

This curtain string lights come with 12 stars and 138 LED lights that will instantly add an interesting edge to your living room.

4. Glimmer Lightings Small Ball FairyLights

This string light creates an excellent illumination and a warm atmosphere, spreading light and cheer across a wide area. You can decorate it around plants, furniture and almost everything else.

5. 10 M 100 LED Fairy Lights

These battery powered string lights are completely waterproof. With the length of 10 metres, it will help you light up a good area of your room or balcony.

6. USB Powered, Waterproof, Fairy Lights

The 50 LEDs are rated to be waterproof, so you can use them outdoors regardless of bad weather conditions (such as rain). The string lights can be bent skillfully to decorate your house.

7. LED Ball Fairy Lights

Pick these stunning fairy lights that will keep you covered through the festive season. It features LED lights that are waterproof and durable.

8. 20 LED Flower Fairy Lights

These lights feature convenient USB plug. You can light it up with your power bank or laptop and use it almost anywhere you like such as bedroom, balcony, lawn etc


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