How to repack lights correctly until next use?

How to repack lights correctly until next use?

Fairy lights are always the best options to get into the mood of the festive season. They are reusable, durable, and let’s accept it; they can uplift anyone’s mood anytime. However, no matter how much we love to decorate Diwali decoration lights and use them on a particular occasion, untangling them can surely give us a lot of headaches.

Are you feeling stressful already? Don’t be, here are some tips for you, which will let you prevent tangling of the fairy lights in the future.

Wrap around cardboard

Remember where you have kept the cardboard thinking that you will use them in an emergency and never really did! Time to take them out. Cut the cardboard into rectangular or square shapes. Pick hard cardboards. Wrap the lights gently working from one end to another. Cut two notches. One notch will help you tuck one end and the next for the other. Take a tissue paper and wrap around the decorative lights.

Roll the lights in a newspaper

The second way of storing the decorative LED lights for home is to wrap them in a newspaper. You can use a rubber band to keep the lights in place. Roll the lights gently, wrap a rubber band if required and put them in a newspaper. Now, bring a plastic bag and keep the wrapped lights inside the plastic bag and store them in a place that you will remember easily.

Using a Pringles can

Wash the pringle can first and let it dry. Cut a slit on top of the box and slip one end of the box. After that, start wrapping the light around the pringle can. Rather than starting from the top, start packing from the bottom and bring the end of the light to the tap, tuck it inside the same slit. Wrap a tissue paper and cover the lights to protect it from dust.

Use a hanger to store lights

Take a look at the hanger; it has two little hooks on both sides. Put one end of the light on one of the hooks and start wrapping the lights gently. If the string light is bigger, then you might have to roll the lights around the hanger twice or thrice. Just make sure the end of the string reaches the last hook. Again, cover it with a paper napkin to keep it safe. If your hanger doesn’t have hooks, then tie the ends with a rubber band.

Power cord holder wrapping method

Power cords are readily available in hardware stores. Buy a heavy outdoor electrical cord to wrap the fairy lights. Insert one end of the light into the power cord and start winding up. Be careful not to break any lights. If you have more than one lights, then you can plug it up and start winding the second one as well. Place the power cord in a box or a shelf where it will be safe.

Repacking using your fingers

Start by wrapping the Diwali lights around your thumb and little finger in the figure eight and keep all the excess wire in between. Now, hold the bulbs of fairy light in one hand until the last bulb. Wrap the excess wire in the middle.

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